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What IALEP Does...

The International Association of Law Enforcement Planners is a member governed organization for people working in, or interested in, planning, policy, budget, performance measurement, analysis, research, and other related functions for criminal justice agencies:

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History of the International Association of
Law Enforcement Planners

The International Association of Law Enforcement Planners consists of people working in the area of planning and research for criminal justice agencies. IALEP has nearly 1,000 members from around the world. Members hail from Australia, Bulgaria, Kuwait, Canada, Dominican Republic, Guam, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Iceland, Panama, Philippines, Slovakia, South Africa, and the United States

The Association, based upon cooperation, shares information about the latest innovations, issues, problems and solutions confronting criminal justice today. IALEP serves as a forum to exchange ideas, programs, techniques, and policies. It also sponsors a standard and advanced level certification program for planners.

IALEP was formed by the 1991 merger of the Association of Police Planning and Research Officers (APPRO) and the National Association of Police Planners (NAPP). Both APPRO, organized in California in 1969, and NAPP, founded in 1980, had a successful history of helping criminal justice planners to work together. Now one organization, IALEP offers a consolidated approach to help its members meet challenges into the 21st century.

Benefits of Membership

Membership in IALEP facilitates networking with other law enforcement professionals on topics of common interest. Member services include:

Three chapters promote local cooperation through chapter meetings, training, and other activities. The Regional Chapters of IALEP are semi-autonomous organizations chartered by IALEP. The frequency and format of meetings, and the activities of the chapters vary widely. Some chapters meet on a regular basis around their region and hold regional training conferences. Others provide a less frequent forum for informal meetings where planners can get together and discuss the projects they are working on. Whatever the activities of a particular chapter, all enhance and expand the network of planners available to help you on the job.

The chapters are represented on the IALEP Board of Directors by a current or past chapter president elected each year by the current chapter presidents. Members may click here to go to the chapter contacts page which includes email contacts for chapter officers. 

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