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Implementing Evidence-Based Policing: Lessons from the LEADS Program

Evidence-based policing sounds like a great idea.  After all, other professions such as medicine and science are constantly refining, improving and innovating the best practices for their professions.

Law enforcement – especially given our critical role in society – should be no different.

Join us as LEADS Scholars Deputy Chief Shon Barnes (Salisbury PD) and Captain Dan Stewart (Oklahoma City PD) share their experience, practical advice, and research for implementing evidence-based policing into your organization, and then finding the right person on your team to serve as that “single point of contact” to lead your data intelligence efforts.

  • Tips for implementing evidence-based policing in your organization.
  • Establishing collaborations with research institutions.
  • Examples of practitioner led-research in police agencies.
  • Benefits of regular data analysis
  • Creating a Business Intelligence Specialist role: where to start, getting it approved and how to work within your city’s government to make this role a reality and priority.
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