International Association Membership

IALEP offers various membership options to fit your needs. You may choose to be an Active Member, which is a current or former law enforcement planner, researcher, or administrator responsible for organizational planning. IALEP also offers an Associate Membership for law enforcement employees assigned to duties other than planning, members of commercial or private sector organizations or members of educational institutions with an interest in law enforcement planning.

Annual Membership:  $50


Purchasing membership on behalf of someone else?  Please follow this link to a Third-Party-Pay form and follow the simple instructions listed on the form.

Benefits of Membership

Membership in IALEP facilitates networking with other law enforcement professionals on topics of common interest. Member services include:

  • Access to IALEP’s Forum which allows members to ask questions of hundreds of law enforcement planners. This is a great way to find answers fast and access other law enforcement planning professionals quickly.  List threads are archived and searchable for reference.
  • Option to join the Justice Clearinghouse – a host site for professional justice webinars and educational content – FREE OF CHARGE!
  • Access to IALEPs member database, allowing you access to your colleagues from around the world
  • Professional and Advanced Planner Certification Program
  • Planner of the Year and Project of the Year awards
  • Access to the Member Portal of this website

Regional Chapter Membership

In addition to its international presence, IALEP sponsors a number of regional chapters. Designed to promote local collaboration through chapter meetings, training, and other activities, these chapters are semi-autonomous organizations chartered by IALEP. The frequency and format of meetings and the activities of the chapters vary widely. Whatever the activity level of each particular chapter, all enhance and expand the network of law enforcement planners.

The chapters are represented on the IALEP Board of Directors by a current or past chapter president elected each year by the current chapter presidents.

Membership in regional IALEP chapters offers opportunities to network and learn at the local level. All members have an optional choice of membership in IALEP’s regional Chapters in both the United States and Canada. Dues and activities for each chapter vary, as each chapter is operated independently by its membership. Some chapters conduct formal training conferences, while others have more informal meetings to exchange ideas. You can apply for chapter membership at the same time you apply to the international organization.